After communing with these great white sharks for a few days, I am moved to become an ambassador for their continued existence – guest log – Guadalupe Island – August 8, 2010

Diving with great white sharks is on my bucket list – and nearing ‘middle age’ I acted on the opportunity when my husband was convinced this “mid life crisis” trip was cheaper than a Mercedes SLK and said GO GO GO.  The research pointed to this boat as the ORIGINAL, the safest, the most experienced … essentially THE one. Now I’ve been on live aboards, many of them over last 20 years.  After MANY liveaboards, I was nervous about the quality of the boat, staff, and service.  But even if the boat was horrible, it was only 5 days.  Two weeks after I sealed the deal and booked the trip/airfare – my little brother sent me a link to a “cool, awesome, adventure” – it was the same boat, same trip.  I laughed and told him he was a little late – but better book it because I was going.  This boat is amazing.  Larger rooms than I have experienced in 90% of the liveaboards I’ve experienced. The staff has been incredible – so customer service oriented … well all except Sten who is a bit of a smart aleck, but there has to be one in every crowd.  The highlight of the trip – other than the WHITE SHARKS was Jessie.  The shark chick who started this adventure, created the original shark ID program, invested her time, resources, dedication to putting Guadalupe on the map. She is the most modest world renowned researcher and white shark guru.  Onto the diving – WOW – it is cold!  But it is the most amazing experience to see white sharks cruise past your cage so effortlessly, so powerfully.  They kept coming back and occasionally posing for the many, many photographs.  If you have a deep desire to see white sharks up close and personal – this is THE boat to book, this is THE staff to hang with and share your experience. After communing with these sharks for a few days, I have a deeper respect for them with no fear. I am moved to be involved and become an ambassador for their continued existence.  Thanks for reading  this – and I hope you book it soon before the Mexican government changes the rules and bans this activity.  Dawn Milbut from Tomball/Houston, TX and little bro Patrick Miller from Austin, TX.
I have never dived or even snorkeled.  Don’t let that stop you!  Thanks to the care, encouragement and knowledge of the crew, I have experienced great white sharks up close at Guadalupe Island .  An experience too surreal for words.  And away from the water, the crew has provided super service and the chef has fixed special vegan meals for me. I have only good things to say about this trip!  Worth every penny! Robyn from Bakersfield
I have been very happy with this trip.  The crew was ” Awesome! ”  I was also able to count the number of teeth on the sharks many times.  There’s about 250, FYI, owowowowow.  Scott from Bakersfield.
Before going on this adventure of a lifetime, I was REALLY nervous that I would get all the way out here and not see any white sharks.  Well, I was completely wrong. Every dive so far has exceeded my expectations…sharks circling and coming in closer than ever imagined.  It was UNREAL.  The crew was exceptional and all in all it was the trip of a lifetime.  I cannot believe I was able to experience this trip.  Great whites are amazing creatures that I truly wish everyone could see up close.  I cannot wait to show all my middle school science students all my photos!  Leslie Chadwick from San Diego.
My seventeen year old daughter can not stop talking about what she has seen and how great this trip has been. The crew is fantastic. If you are concerned about the quality of the boat and service, it’s excellent!!!! I would be happy to recommend this adventure to anyone. You have not lived until you have swam with the white sharks of Guadalupe Island!!!!!
Tom and Chelsea Spruance from Delaware
After Day 1 I was so certain that there could be nothing more we could see to top the experiences of those first few dives but Day 2 was nothing short of spectacular. The sharks were more curious and we were all too willing to satisfy that curiosity! The crew has been amazing and definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
Amazing experience and 100% one of the most exciting, interesting, eye-opening 4 days of my life so far… Can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us…
-Wade – Montreal, Canada

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