Guest blog from Guadalupe Island with very candid comments – as well as some testosterone issues among the great white sharks – 20 August, 2010

We just finished another SharkSchool trip down to Guadalupe on the NAUTILUS EXPLORER – and it was fantastic again. The sharks, the weather, the team… what can I say… It was all there, and I have to admit that I am looking forward to sail again. We were blessed with the whites, quite a bunch of nice sized males… some attitudes, some testosterone issues among them and one can imagine what that meant underwater… we saw a lot of awesome things – beside all the machoism – yawning, gill puffing, hunching, all the different swim patterns, chasing each other, and “pooping!” What a difference to “my sharks” in the Bahamas. When those decide to let go it is in an “orderly fashion” but when the whites “go for it” it leaves quite a cloud… and we all had a good laugh… but truly astonishing were the breaches we saw. Not that common around Guadalupe, but then again, it is Guadalupe and one can expect everything…
EK Ritter
Hallo an alle,
heute ist der dritte Tauchtag vor Guadalupe und das Wetter ist herrlich.
Aufgrunddessen scheinen auch die grossen Weissen heute besonders zugaenglich zu sein.
Ein Weibchen und ein Maenchen sind sehr neugierig auf unsere Kaefige und probieren zeitweise mal das Material – einige von uns waeren bestimmt schmackhafter.
Zwei weitere Boote haben heute die Anker vor Guadalupe geworfen, doch unsere “Jungs” haben sich an uns schon gewoehnt und bleiben immer in unserer Naehe.
Wir werden heute und morgen noch sehen, wie nah sie uns noch kommen wollen.
Dann gibt es neue News !!!
Dear Shark Lovers,
today is the perfect day for sharks…we’ve had about 5 to 6 different
sharks surrounding us on our last dive. Must have been 2 females and 3
to 4 males. One of the smaller males was a bit nervous but it didn’t
prevent me of going up on top of the cage. It was awesome guys! He
passed the second cage and was swimming straight in my direction. I was
like: “What to do now? Stay where I am? Step back? Step forward?”
I decided to stay and he passed really close…my camera loved me for
doing so! 😉 There is a lot of action going on today, unfortunately
we’ll have to leave the babies tomorrow.
Hy Guys,
we are on our third day of cage diving and it gets better and better. First day 2 breaching sharks (they only wanted to greet us – “Halloooooo”. Afterwards in the cages they were a bit shy but slowly coming nearer and nearer. Today was aaaaawesome.  The sharks are lovely and really nice creatures of the ocean. Also some school of tuna were following the sharks and some of them were biting them in the tails and cleaning themselves on the tails of bigger mails. The sharks seemed not very interested in them and after a while they dove away.
The crew on board is sooo nice, friendly and helpful. If you ever want to have the same awesome experience as we had so far, you should watch out for the Nautilus and their crew.
Shark your senses, dudes!!
cheers, Nina and Anke (survivors of the insanity)
PS: Live the dream!!
Dear folks,
greetings from Guadalpupe, the weather turns to sunny, cloudless conditions after we arrived on this island.
The mexican chef does his best to fill up our stomachs.
The Great Whites are amazing and good looking guys… like our Captain. Ohhh I looove cakes, erm… the Captain.
But sharks are just like humans, when one female saw 2 Carinthians steping on the cage, she jumped out to see our bright, wonderful looking austrian eyes.
Dear dairy, I need to close now, cause we have a date with some Great White Sharks under the boat, I’m afraid that there is no candle light for the dinner.
Best wishes from 2 very nice looking austrian guys on Guadalupe.
Tom & Chris

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