There is no thrill in this world like that of being witness to the top predator of the ocean – the great white shark in its purest nature at Guadalupe Island. Guest blog – Sept 2/10.

There is no wrangling, no enticing, no distractions to what they do… they are just there, doing what they do, interacting with each other, some times interacting a little bit with us. We see the males displaying, establishing dominance.. we have also been around celebrities like Bruce, whose unpredictable demeanor keeps us guessing what he will do next. But as if the shark action were not enough, we have been seeing yellow fin tuna. Yes, the island was once famous for its world record yellow tail (when blue water hunters ventured here), these yellow fins are big, and many, and they scratch themselves on the tails of the sharks, scare the daylights out of the macarels when they school into hunting groups and amaze us with their speed and agility.  Alicia Hermosillo
The excitement and quality of the diving was only exceeded by the service and personality of the crew on the Nautilus Explorer.     Guadalupe Island. Great White shark Bay.   \john D.
My dives the first two days have been excellent with the great white sharks.   Woo Hoo!!!!!  Bruce was awesome..   We’ve had at least 2 sharks every dive. Many times there were 4 or 5… Most dives the sharks continuously circled the cages…  Love the cages on this boat and the natural way that we are interacting with the sharks.. . Bring plenty of photo cards and extra batteries…  you will fill them up…  We can’t wait to come back.

By Nautilus Staff

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