Yellow fin tuna clearly love rubbing themselves on the rough skin of the shark’s tail – as long as the tuna stay at the stern end of the great white sharks they seem to be safe – 03 SEPT 2010 – divemaster and hostess log (en espanol) from Guadalupe Island

Splash splash!!! A very successful morning of diving  complete with two breaching sharks. Not ten minutes after opening the cages to divers, just off the stern of the Nautilus a juvenile male white shark leaped out of the water and came down with a huge splash. Everyone happened to be on deck as we were all doing a practice dive. It was perfect timing. And then as we proceeded to load the port cage… again, just off the port side of the boat another smaller male white shark jumped up and landed giving us another big show. The diver who was climbing into the cage got a great view of the white belly. The rest of the day was just as exciting. Our first rotation  we had four different sharks swimming circles around the cages and checking out the divers.
Mid day, our schedule was interrupted by a navy inspection. Noting new, just a routine inspection of the boat and a quick look at our permits. We continued our diving as usual as soon as they cleared our decks. It was a great way to start our time at Guadalupe Island.
The next morning, we had another breach… the sharks must really be happy to see us. What a day. Our old friend BiteFace (who was fitted with a dorsal fin tag by the National Geographic Society) showed up and was a real ringleader. We were also joined by Johnny, Mau, and a smaller unidentified female. The first female of the season. Throughout the day, we had moments with up to five sharks around the cages at a time. We also were visited by a friendly California Sea Lion who played tag with the sharks.  Later in the day, we had a large school of Yellow Fin Tuna come in and chase around the bait fish under the boat. The also chased around the sharks, looking to scratch themselves on the rough skin of the shark’s tail. As long as they stay on that end of the shark, they seem to be safe. The sea was full of life today. Great viz, calm seas, and sunshine. This is why we love this place.
Surface conditions: Sunny and warm, high 70’s, light breeze, flat calm seas.
Underwater conditions: Viz +100′, water temp. 65F, light current, no swell.
Devuelta al Nautilus Explorer,Nueva temporada….Isla Guadalupe..yeah!!!!
Este viaje es de un combo de la Isla San Benito Y la Isla Guadalupe, de diez dias con un grupo de alemanes;
Hay variedad de todo, unos serios, otros muy divertidos pero al fin al cabo todos amables y contestos por su experiencia.
Es increible que dos Islas que estan en el pacifico sean tan diferentes, San benito con su hermosa topografia,lobos marinos,focas y sus algas gigantescas que parece que estas en en bosque, pero debajo del agua y la Isla Guadalupe,con su agua azul y clara,y el personaje principal de la Isla..El Gran Tiburon Blanco.
Creo que es mejor ver esta hermosa criatura marina, en una jaula de bajo del agua, que en una pelicula en tu sala, comiendo palomitas… experiencia es diferente y las personas que la han vivido creo que somos muy afortunadas!!!!!!
Hostess Silvia:)

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