Awesome video of mechanical great white shark plus guest and crew blog – Guadalupe Island – Sept 13, 2010

We should get one of these mechanical high speed white sharks onboard the Nautilus Explorer!!

We knew the Great Whites would be awesome… but who could of guessed the crew would be too! An amazing day…. sharks, breaching….what next synchronized shark swimming?
Incredible is not enough to describe the experience today at Guadalupe Island. |The white sharks are huge and cruise these blue water carefree with serene fluidity.  At times when they came by sometimes solo or at times three or four of them within just a few meters of the cage.  .  The silver bars of the cage remind one who really rules these waters.   David
Bueno pues yo es la segunda vez que vengo y eso debe de ser algo bueno, el buceo excepcional, tanto en las socorro como aqui en Guadalupe, el personal es de primera y nos tratan como a reyes, tanto en el submarinismo como en el comedor, un diez para todos, lo unico malo es que algunos Divemaster son un poco mariquitas ademas de unos pinche cabrones, jejejeje. hayu que venir massssss.  Javier
That feeling of seeing the first shark coming through the haze of the deep water is indescribable. So many emotions and feeling of fear to excitement one of the greatest experiences of my life. Cheers Tim
Clear waters, sun shining, 6-10 sharks, and 5 full surface breaches….. on the first day.  This being my first diving experience AND my first shark experience has been amazing and eye opening. Unbelievable.  Adam
Salut a tous. Incroyable premiere journee a Guadalupe. Plusieurs requins blancs sur toutes nos plongees. On a eu jusqu’a cinq requins simultanement autour des cages. La visibilite a varie de 60 a 80 pieds. On a aussi vu des lions de mer et des dauphins. Definitivement une experience a vivre. Jean-Luc Lanctot
What a day of sharks!  My 3rd trip here and it is outstanding!  What a great bunch of people and a beautiful setting.
It is nearing midnight here at Isla Guadalupe and I am sitting on the top deck enjoying a clear sky full of sparkling stars. The Guadalupe sea lions are singing eerily in the distance. The air is cool, but calm, and the gentle rocking of the boat invites slumber. It has been a very exciting day for the guests and crew of the Nautilus Explorer. Today saw Great White Sharks jumping completely out of the water, and as many as 12, count ’em 12!!!, different Great White Sharks identified! . There was not one moment of my dive today when I was not looking at a Great White Shark. I brought my camera down with me and even caught two sharks in one picture! They were friendly and curious and I got some great shots of that infamous smile – full of shiny white teeth! I comfortably wore my 5mm wetsuit, no hood, gloves or boots – I guess us Canadians are immune to cool water!?!? Earlier in the day we saw a turtle swimming on the surface. We thought he was toast when a Great White Shark appeared and started swimming toward the turtle, but luckily for the turtle the shark must not have been hungry! ‘Till next time.  Hostess Ashley
Today was a perfect example of why we come to Guadalupe Island!!!  The sun arose on a clear horizon to flood the cove with rich morning light. It was about that time when we saw our first of five breaches for the day. As the divers were suiting up for the “practice” dive, up out of the water shot a small male Great White Shark. A few lucky people who were looking in the right direction got a great show. Normally, we would not expect to see many more for the day as seeing a breach is rather rare here at Guadalupe Island. The sharks are not breaching to catch prey, but for another unknown reason. Sure enough, as the cage rotations started, we were privileged to another breech, this time some of us saw the underwater view. It was interesting to watch the shark’s thoughts progress from swimming normally, then a switch, to accelerating upward, to exiting the water, to landing with a very loud splash, and back again to swimming normally. I am not sure if we will ever truly know what is motivating them to propel themselves up and out of the water like that. We have theorized that since it is mostly smaller male sharks, that perhaps they are trying to show off… make a big noise to intimidate other sharks. It certainly makes a loud crash from underwater. So, not only did we have a great ballet of sharks jumping out of the water, underwater there was unsurpassed action.  From the first minute that divers went into the water, it was non-stop sharks every dive. We had up to 5 sharks around the cages at a time. We saw some great interactions and very interesting behaviors as multiple white sharks vied for space near the cages. As the day progressed, the action stepped up even more. Another breach just off the stern also witnessed from above and underwater. Days like these are meant to be enjoyed and all the divers got some excellent dives. Realizing the moment when a shark swims toward the cage and looks right at you is a thrill. Watching five sharks compete for dominance is fascinating and learning the history and names of each shark that was around the boat makes the experience personal. At the end of the day we counted 12 different sharks that had visited us throughout the dives. Looking through photographs and comparing them to the Photo ID book we found all 12 had been at the boats in years past and been counted. Jaques, Grace, Johnny, Mau, BiteFace, Harvey, Lucy, are just a few of the names I can think of off the top of my head. It was really good to see Lucy again this year. She showed two years ago with a broken caudal fin: the top half of her tail was broken and flopped from side to side as she kicked her tail. At the time we were worried for her health. Over the past few seasons, we have watched her grow stronger and healthier and now, her tail seems to have fused in place to give her a bit more thrust. She is fat and clean… these sharks are amazing creatures.
Just was we were climbing out of the cages at the end of the day, sure enough, just off the starboard side of the boat… another breach!!! This time there was a crowd of people on the hot tub deck who all saw it. A great cheer was heard over the whole boat. And just when we though the sharks were done jumping about for the day, the last bit of daylight was enough for a few people on deck to witness one final breach just off the stern.
What a great shark diving day. I think the sharks knew it was my birthday today and I am sending out a big thank you to the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island.
-DM Jessie “Sharkchick” Harper
Surface Conditions: Sunny, warm, light breeze, 78F, clear night sky.
Underwater Conditions: Viz.- 60-80′, Temp.- 66F, light current, mild swell, lots of Tuna.

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