Animal Collective designs shoes and releases new music to support the Socorro Island Conservation Fund + blog from hostess Silvia – 26 SEPT 2010 – Guadalupe Island

When I imagined my first encounter with a great white shark at Guadalupe Island, i thought i would get nervous and my heart would start beating fast. But when i finally met them, it was exactly the contrary.  I became absolutely calm watching them and was overwhelmed how beautiful they are. No fear at all even when they come close and I’m standing on the cage. Its a great experience. Thanks to the crew of the nautilus explorer  I went into the 15 footer in the afternoon, at first the sharks seemed docile but they suddenly came to life as a school of tuna swam by.  They got really close to the cage and 2 of them almost collided as they went for a tuna.  Someone got it on camera and I can’t wait to see the shots!
Today…was a EXCELENTE day!!!!!
I saw one of the four breach that we have today, just seating eating breakfast in front of the window…Crazy ah!!! The all thing,all body…so spectacular…so I toll my self..myself, this is a good day to jump in the cages, and I did….first time I saw, so many sharks together, for sure more than five, ….I was turning everywhere, so much that the hose wrapped around my neck and strangled me!…but I survive!!!!! yeah!!!!
Now I’m going happy to my time off, I have a really good trips…..Can wait to see you again Bruce…I love you!!!!
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Animal Collective Design Their Own Shoes | Rock on the Streets 
By Carlos Gutierrez
The shoe is set to ship in March 2011 and will come with a cassette featuring previously unreleased music by the band. All the proceeds from the sale of the shoes will go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund. 
Rock on the Streets – Music News –
Animal Collective Releasing New Music With Sneaker Line – Spinner
By Michael D. Ayers
All profits of the Animal Collective line of shoes are being donated to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, setting this apart from the usual musician-turned-designer move. “After much discussion we decided we wanted to give money to 
Spinner –
Animal Collective Support Charity With New Sneaker Range 
By Live4ever
Experimental indie band Animal Collective have teamed up with KEEP to design a new brand of sneakers, with proceeds from the sales going towards the charity Socorro Island Conservation Fund. Founding member Avey Tare has worked on the 
Live4ever – The Indie Rock Daily –
Flavorwire » Wanted: Animal Collective Sneakers
By Caroline Stanley
Even better, all profits go to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, “a non-profit working to preserve the unique biosphere of the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California, where illegal fishing, in particular of its shark 
Flavorwire –
Hear new Animal Collective music when you buy their shoe 
By Alex Young
Proceeds will benefit the Socorro Island conservation fund, which is a non-profit helping to preserve the biosphere of the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja in California (via Prefix). Geologist and Deakin, the two Animal Collective 
Consequence of Sound –
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socorro island conservation fund
Animal Collective Design Sneakers, Offer Previously Unreleased Cassette.…/socorro+island+conservation+fund
YouTube – Socorro trip 2006
dive trip off mexico 2006 — socorro islands queue Diving with Mantas at Socorro Island from Solmar Vby underwatercolours11578 views · 9:59

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