More sharks than the poker room at the MGM Grand – guest and crew blog – 23 SEPT 2010 – Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Awesome white shark action this afternoon – too many to keep track of where they are!
What an exciting day!  The weather wreaked havok on us but towards the afternoon the great white-action was in full effect!
More sharks than the poker room at the MGM Grand!
I could’ve reached out and touched his nose — but…I kept my fingers in the cage, of course.
Great day of diving today!  Three great whites nearly running into each other providing lots of great shots!
Non-Stop action all day.  We had 3 Great Whites, all over 16 feet, that more or less swarmed the cage.  The were so close you could have reached out and touched them. Sleek, mysterious, powerful. Sometimes they came so fast and close we couldn’t get the camera focused.  This will be one of those trips you NEVER forget. The staff on board has also been awesome, looking after everything so we can just focus on getting underwater again.  Well done guys!  Brad Snyder, Float N’ Flag Dive Centre, Burlington, Canada
Weather… This trip the weather has been playing around with us. The cruise down to the island was our roughest of the last 4 years because of wind and waves, and today, our second day on the island, the wind kicked up so strong and gusty that we almost suspended operations for a couple of hours, but Guadalupe Island and the Great White Sharks gave us such a show, that we end the day with nothing but happy memories of close encounters of the sharky kind.
Today we were visited by some of the most famous and notorious sharks in the area, in the morning we saw Lucy with her quirky tail and this afternoon Famous Bruce came in for a visit. He is HUGE and looks at you as if he was trying to find out how to get those tasty humans out of the cage for a bite or two. With everybody carefully staying safely inside the cage, I think the biggest surprise came from a small male shark that arrived like one of those gusts of wind and left just as fast. He showed everybody how a Great White Shark can go much faster than what we normally see when they cruise around the cages.
Today has been a great day with many sharks, many photos of sharks and dreams of the sharks that we will see tomorrow.
-DM Peter Schalkwijk
Weather conditions has not been cooperative during this trip since We left the port of Ensenada with waves of 8 to 12 ft. What make me happy is the Nautilus Explorer has been designed for this kind of weather with a flume tank on the top to stabilize and make the ride smoother than other vessels although do not forget to bring your medication for seasickness for those people who are not use to travel on boats. Our first day of cage diving even We were anchored in a protected bay at the north side of the island the current went strong more than 2knots  no show of whites and the water temperature of 64 F  Which is freezing for a mexican divemaster  and YES I had the same question  What’s wrong, am I really in Mexico? but at the end of the dive Kate and Ashley (our lovely hostesses) made us happy offering to us a hot chocolate cup felt Great! after a morning of peer pressure our majestic friends show up to delight us with the close approaching we ever had,and my tought was yeah! they never let me down.
-DM Pedro Cervantes
Surface Conditions: Sunny with some clouds in the afternoon, very strong gusty wind which created small waves, specially around lunch time.
Underwater Conditions: Viz.- 100ft+, Temp.- 67F, strong current, bumpy because of the surface swells.

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