We saw a great white shark breach while underwater!! It is now my 4th year working here at Guadalupe Island. Divemaster, Captain and guest blog. October 15, 2010

It has been a nice calm second day at Guadalupe and more or less nonstop having sharks from morning to last dive. No dive has been without and we have several times had 4 and 5 sharks at the same time. celebreties like Shredder and Linda , Bucket head, Bruce and Lucy has been on a visit. Lucy is the shark that really has a deformated tail. Even though she looks fat and healthy. It is now my 4th year working here in Guadalupe and it is always nice and a releif to see this sharks each year and know they made it this year as well.
Today they where a little bit more slow then yester day not as close up in to us and a little bit lower then yester day , but still good and close  eneough for photography thats for sure. Maybe I have been spoiled..
In a moment divers where looking from under a shark accelerating from down under towards the surface and made a complete breach!! And they saw the whole thing froom the beginning!!! I had just been on that corner and had just walked off when we heard a enourmous splash and looking back it was just foam and waves left! An other great day here at Guadalupe.
Surface conditions , still cloudy in the morning and later on sunny. 23-30 C
Underwater conditions, 25-30 m viz ca 59F 18-19 C
Dive guide Sten
eric bradley got to see a shark poop today, how cool is that? Been a wonderful trip, thanks to my buddy blake. my dad did this trip in 1964 with scripps institute so it’s special for me. sten, simon and crew are an awesome, professional bunch. mauricio hoyos’s talk was awesome.
Our last trip was that perfect example of time flying by too fast yet a lifetime of memories were created. From the spectacular kelp diving of Isla St. Martin, the Benitos and Isla Cedros with their sea lion colonies and breathtaking underwater views to the ferocious beauty of Gaudalupe Island and it local Great White Shark inhabitants, an incredible experience was had by all.  Catching sunbeams beneath a forest of kelp with sea lions dancing about and amazing colors made for some unbelievable photographs and the sharks provided heart pumping, jaw dropping encounters! The natural beauty of these places were awesome, and were matched perfectly with the smiling faces I witnessed throughout the trip by all the happy people onboard – passengers AND crew!  Meeting with new people and sharing this wonderful time with them is a pleasure that I can hardly describe, and I look forward to it again and again.
Captain Kevin

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