We have a little owl sitting on the back deck. At least he can eat some mice when we get to Guadalupe Island. Captain and dive guide log. 16 OCTOBER 2010

The trip from Ensenada was the absolutley enjoyable – flat calm and peaceful.  The kind of voyage where the sound of the water on the hull is hypnotizing.  It was a little overcast but flat and calm and nice.  We have a little owl sitting on the back deck – hitched a ride to Gaudalupe Island  with us.  At least he can eat some mice at Guadalupe Island when he’s over there.
Captain Kevin
Today we started up again a beautiful day , calm and a bit grey in the morning and then later on in the day the sun burned through the clouds and it maintained a blue sky and a shining sun. Great white sharks were around  all the time. It was Bruce and Lucy that had control over our Nautilus Explorer. Bruce closer in to the cages and Lucy mostly a bit under , But it seems that she was respected by Bruce even if she is a bit smaller. Lucy is tthe girl that some years ago came back with her tail really badly bashed and she has a bit of a special way that she wag her tail that you can recognice her on far distance just the way she moves. She is fat and healthy so it seems like she is doing well. She always use to be in a company of Pilot fish , but this year it seems like they had left her. This two sharks stayed with us the whole day until the end and even hanged around when we packed the cages and and where ready to leave. A couple of other young male great whites came around but where always chased off. One male liked coming high up above the cages and surprised us , he had a seaweed hanging from his right side of his mouth at a time he got spooked of from Bruce, the youngster kicked of and left a perfect triangular white tooth wiggling down to the bottom with makarell fish trying to eat it.
Dive guide Sten
Surface conditions. Still , no waves , sunny after 11am, 25-30 C Underwater conditions.60 F, 18C, Viz 20-35m

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Ann Hanonreply
October 28, 2010 at 06:10 AM

Awesome trip! I can’t believe its over, I am still coming down to earth. I saw the little owl buzzing us the last day, but don’t know if he came home with us!Thanks for the great adventure.

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