October moon is the most beautiful one. Dive guide and guest blog diving with the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island. October 22, 2010

After been leaving a very rainy Ensenada for Guadalupe Island that reminded us more of being where Nautilus actually comes from BC in Canada, we still had a nice and smooth but grey crossing. Our first day sharking we started to have good action with especially 2 young very fast great white sharks putting up a good show, the female Scarboard from last week was in as well and our celebraty Shredder stayed a good while with us, I think every trip we been here he has at least done one pass by Nautilus Explorer.
Our second day started of well with the same sharks around us , there where a lot of yellow fin tunas straight up into the cages and today we been seeing as well a good size yellowtails around the cages. This last two days we have been having 3 california sealion hanging around the boat. And they have been putting up a show swiming and cirkiling around the sharks, directly playing with the shark and even so much that they been harassing the sharl by follow it by it s tail and now and then take a little bite in their tail or dorsal fin.
Its not all the time what we think that the shark is there and the sealions escapes, with the good visibility as we got in Guadalupe island and a sealion has caught the ey of the shark there is no way the shark will be able to grab the sealion, it becomes to be the toy for the sealion as well.
By the way the moon is around full now and what a beautiful night!! I sleep outside and was watching it , as our chef Enrique said this morning , did you see it? October moon is the most beautiful one!
Surface conditions ; A bit cloudy with the sun coming and going about 24-25 C
Underwater conditions 35 M viz ca 120 ft viz temp 62 F or 22C
Dive guide
Our first full day at Gaudalupe Island!  Great white sharks, sealions, tuna and mackeral greeted us as we sank underneath the waves.  The current was strong, the water was cool and, if you were there at the right time, the action was great!   Kevin
Fuer mein kleuterchen, Heute war der HAMMER. Wir haben schon ein paar 3,5m  weisse haie gesehen und auch ein 4m lange mutti haie. das wasser ist leider nicht so warm, nur 19 grad aber mit meinem 5mm wetsuit ist das kein problem.
Wit haben auch viel spass gehabt mit ein paar lustige seeloewen. Na dann, morgen wieder tauchen mit unseren weissen freunden. Bart
Een ijsbad vol haaien en zeeleeuwen: een dag in paradijs voor mensen zoals ons! Ito ang una kong dive with great white shark. Noong una ang akala ko masyado silang nakakatakot. Pero noong una ko silang makita mukha naman silang maamo. Hindi ko akalain na ganun sila kabait. Dati ang mga naririnig kotungkol sa Great whites ay puro mga horror stories. Pero ngayon nag iba na ang pagtingin ko sa kanila. Hindi mo iindahin anglamig pag nakita mo na ang mga creatures na ‘to.
Wow, if I can do it anyone can.  what a day.  The water so blue, the sharks so big, for a first timer the experience of a life time.  Who would have ever know that a first timer at age 50 would have crossed off one item off the bucket list.  Tomorrow will be yet another awesome day!  Oh and did I mention the crew is first class!  Thanks for one of the greatest days of my life.  Brenda
It’s never short of excitement here on the Nautilus Explorer!  From the start of the adventure with great weather, a blue whale encounter and serenity at the Gaudalupe anchorage to the incredible show of lightning, thunder and dolphins  this has been a trip to remember.  We saw 6 great white sharks  including one very impressive female who showed off her ‘jaws’ and size proudly and a very curious male who provided some real up close and personal encounters.  There was a dazzling display of underwater aerobics by some enthusiastic sealions and even a few tuna hung out to eye us up.  All combined made for a very enriching experience, and I was happy to share it with such a great bunch of guests.  I look forward to (hopefully!) everyone’s return to the Nautilus in the near future.  Thanks everyone!
Captain Kevin

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