The seasons are changing at Isla Guadalupe. More clouds, showers, cooler weather. And the white sharks seem hungrier. Captain, dive guide and guest log. 24 October 2010.

The seasons are definitely changing at Isla Gaudalupe and I get to witness it first hand.  Its the subtle changes occurring that grab my attention – the faster moving clouds, the occasional shower, the cooler weather at night and a more rawness in the beauty of the island.  That, and the sharks just seem hungrier!  It adds up for some great action in the cages.  Shredder was back, and he sure seems bigger than the last time I saw him.  The beautiful large female ‘Scarborough’ was swimming about and a couple younger, smaller males appeared to be trying to ‘woo’ her!  Some spectacular underwater activity from the tuna, the bonitos and the sea lions mixing it up with the sharks had everyone in a great mood and made for some wonderful videography.  As always, the good time experienced is enhanced by the friendliness of the guests I meet and crew I live with. If this is my office – I’m a lucky guy!  Captain Kevin
The adrenaline pump was in overdrive again today: 2 big male (4 meter plus) great whites within reach bringing it on right in front of us. Add to that a few playful sea lions and hunting tuna (like bullets they are) and you got yourself yet another unforgettable day. Oh, and the apple crumble, cookies, hot cacao and more cookies when we came up were icing on the cake. (Bart and Kevin)
It’s 19:07, we have just left Guadalupe behind us and are on our way to Ensenada ETA tomorrow 12:30. I’m sitting in the lounge where the divers have taken up the couches, half of them have the eyes closed after an active 3 days, four dives a day, white sharks around about 70% of the time. The once that manage to keep the eyes open sit with laptops on their laps comparing the pictures they have shot of our under water friends.
What we do here is unique! You can go to the zoo and watch animals in cages, but here at Guadalupe you can get in a cage your self and observe animals in freedom. The cages are made out of aluminum and equipped with surface supplied air so you don’t need to have a tank on your back. There are backup tanks in the corners of the cage… Most enjoyable I find it to watch the sea lions play around the white sharks, even though those mammals are on the menu, it does not stop them from swimming right next to this well teethed preditor. Like young flexible scooter riders fast and gracious around a big truck.
The water is 21 Celsius / 65 Fahrenheit, most of us diving in 7mm wetsuits, hoods and gloves. When the sharks are around and active it is no exception for divers to stay under water for 3 hours and than when you get out…. there is hot chocolate a warm shower and a jacuzzi.
Jeroen Elout  Dive master on the Nautilus Explorer.

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