Virtually every excursion under water has been a visual cornucopia of white shark, yellow fin tuna, yellow tail and mackerel viewing. Crew and guest blog. October 27, 2010.

If you are planning a trip to dive with great white sharks and you have come across this website, your search is over. Welcome to the Nautilus Explorer!! We have had an EPIC experience that far exceeded our expectations. Virtually every excursion under water has been a visual cornucopia of white shark, yellow fin tuna, yellow tail and mackerel viewing. There are several cages that provide lots of time underwater at various depths, even if you are not a certified diver (like us) I can guarantee you will have a viewing experience comparable to your diving comrades. The crew has been absolutely top shelf, friendly, helpful, positive and fun, not to mention meeting lots of awesome new people who are as excited as we are to be here. Thanks Nautilus Explorer and the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island. Cheers.  Myles and Crystal from Slave Lake, Alberta.  Canada
Chris from Folsom,California Spent 45 minutes with Lucy She is a large female white shark that has been injured at some point in her past. She still gave me and my dive buddies quite a show today. Thanks Lucy! water temp 64F with visibility 50-80 feet.
Michael from Port Hedland, WA, Australia. Had a fantastic trip and couldnt have asked for anything more. Multiple sighting of great whites on most dives, it was really well schedualed, the crew were unbelievable and the other guest made the trip and unforgettable experience. Will be keeping in contact for sure and hope to have many more adventures with the crew and fellow divers.
Josh and Sara from San Diego, CA.  Had a fantastic time today, you’ll know the trip is great when every trip into the cage ends up with sharks. Staff couldn’t be friendlier or more helpful, absolutely great trip so far, could not ask for more!
We started off well with one frisky small 3.5 m male white shark that swam fast and made passings by the cages from below , from the right and the left, he changed his swimming pattern very often and was quick , a fun shark! While the day was going buy the wind as we knew by the forecast that we daily get sent from Captain Mike has been helping us several times not needing to get beaten up getting away in the worst.
We were helping other diving boats and even the envoirmental  governantal law enforsers that arrived on the island to suggest them to find shelter for this day.We knew it would get hard.
Because of this reason  captain Kevin decided to tuck in a bit extra closer to the Guadelupe island and get a good lenghts of chain out 5 shots wich each shot carries 90 ft plus just in case even if our anchor is really heavy with a heavy chain have a anchor watch through the night.
In the after noon it came up to wind gusts to 40 -45 knots of wind and made the water making vortex of seawater flying up in the sky , cause of the swinging we closed the deeper cages and continued through the day with the transom cages, though in the end it was just one stubborn Tony that remained in the cage, but the sharks went away, the Nautilus was swing back and forth and this weather normally makes the sharks  go away probably to deeper water. Nautilus still sat safe on its anchor. But around us was a bit of a mess. A company that just started here in Baja California that been coming out here for the first time this year got their anchor dragged off 3 times and where working hours out in the hard wind and we started to get worried for them and called them out if they needed any assistance. Their anchor winch had on top of that failed, but finally got it to work. And by the night they where finally anchored again. An other sailing boat a 35 ft went of in the middle of the hard wind we got a bit worried and try to call them to , but they just went away steering south east. A dear old guest on board that work as a coast guard said to me that boats like this in taking big risks in envoirment that they are not made for are called employment guarantee…;)
Finally the wind calmed a bit.
Next morning the 27th it was nice and calm , with a beautiful sunrise and blue sky. In the it was a bit foggy after the hard weather.
The same frisky male did some nice show and in the afternoon Lucy came in. Viz got better in towards the day , and even if it still was slow day it is getting better and better and tomorrow I hope we are back int o normal again!
Surface conditions. the 26th wind gusts to 40-45 knots secure in sheltered anchorage, blue sky with fast passing clouds. The 27th much better and very mild wind.
Underwater . Temp 64F 22C and viz from 30 -15m 100-50 ft. It is clearing up more and more.
Diveguide Sten
Hey Everyone
Once again I,m in sunny Mexico at Gaudalupe Island.The weather is perfect,the guests are having a great time and the crew is awesome as usual.Haven’t gotten into the water lately but that’s OK,there is lots of shark action on the surface.Very few boats around,the season is winding down.I’m going to miss the sharks a lot,especially Shredder my favorite Great White shark(had a face to face look at him my very first trip to Guadalupe).
Our ship is looking as good as ever with upgrades to equipment and amenities happening on an on going basis.
I’m really looking forward to the socorro season as this was the first area I dove in mexico.The wildlife is incredible and I really enjoy the big animal diving.
Have to go now.
Chief Engineer Larry
Its almost the end of the Guadalupe season so I took the opportunity to jump in the cages today,I was in the water for 20 min. and I saw a pretty big shark, everybody was saying that the shark was Lucy, a shark with a broken tail, I didn’t see the tail, because the shark was coming straight up,close to my cage……pretty amazing !!!!!!
We saw one shark but that was enough  to make my day…..
One more trip left,Hope to see Bruce!!!!!!…..
Hostess Silvia:)
All photos courtesy of John Brigham.

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