Guest Blog – November 2010

A large female great white shark ensured I wouldn’t be getting my glove back!!     Guest blog  –  Guadalupe Island, Baja California, Mexico..
Myles from Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada. – The trip has ended and I can safely say all of my expectations and quite a few of my wildest dreams have been met and exceeded. Thanks go out to the crew of the Nautilus Explorer, I look forward to many for future adventures on your fine boat.
Steven and Gretchen from Santa Barbara – This was trip #5 on the Nautilus Explorer (#2 to Guadalupe).  As usual, everything went perfectly.  The staff was great. The weather was beautiful, and the Sharks were hot.
Chris from Folsom California- I am so impressed with this boat and crew. Already planning my next trip to Socorro. Todays highlights included 4 successful dives with white sharks on all 4. One dive we were rewarded with a male and female taking turns as they brushed by our cage close enough to reach out and touch them. Holding my camera tightly prevented me from doing somthing I shouldn’t. I would definitely repeat this trip next year.
Tony from New York – Second trip to Guadalupe and first on the Nautilus Explorer; would recommend that anyone coming to Guadalupe take the Nautilus.  The first day started out slowly, with wind and waves making the sharks scarce, but crew and fellow divers made for a great start nonetheless.  The sharking picked up the next two days, with Lucy giving everyone a show on the second day and multiple large females showing up on the final day.  All in all a great trip with a great bunch of people.  Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pictures later tonight.
Josh and Sara from San Diego – Our first trip on the Nautilus Explorer has been incredible. It has met/exceeded all that we thought it would be. The first day of diving was a bit slow but when one of our gloves got blown into the water it made for some exciting pictures. One of the larger females came up and saw to that we wouldn’t be getting it back, crazy stuff!   Every other day was full of sharks, and every trip into the cage resulted in some amazing pictures.  I highly recommend the Nautilus Explorer, a fine ship, and a great crew! Thanks everyone!

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