Taking a Month off to Walk on Land while Jessie "Shark Chick" Harper and her Husband Peter Schalwik Take Over as Dive Guides. Guest and Crew Blog. 22 NOV 2010

Roca Partida yesterday and today. I have never seen so much fish life in one place! It was an amazing two days. The crew has been super accomodating yet again.The beautiful sunset on Roca Partida was a great way to end the day. Looking forward to Socorro tomorrow!!!!
Nathania and Pete, London Ontario
Hej Allesammen.
Nu har vi vaeret paa ekspedition med Nautilus Explorer i 3 dage og indtil videre har det vaeret en fantastisk oplevelse. Foerst dyk med giant Mantaer paa San benedicto. Masser af dem …. vi saa op til 8-10 forskellige i loebet af et dyk. De var meget sociale og kom utrolig taet paa, og noed atblive nusset af os dykkere, ligesom de meget gerne ville svoemme gennem de boebler, vi som dykkere efterlader.
De seneste to dage har vi dykket paa Roca Partida, og det kan simpelthen ikke overgaes. Masser af whitetips hajer, silvertips hajer, galapagos hajer, silkehajer og ikke mindst en hvalhaj paa ca 13 meter. Wahuuuu…..
Stedet vrimler simpelthen med liv, og i saa store maengder, at det naesten ikke er til at forstaa.
Nogle af dykkerne vi sammen med , alle meget erfarne, siger at dykningen her langt overgaar dykning paa Cocos Island og Galapagos oerne.
Vita og Ib, Danmark.
We stayed the whole day at the Canyon. It was not the most animal dense diving we’ve done, but the boiler was very windy and choppy and we had hammerhead sharks and Silver tips and Silkies at the cleaning stations as well giant mantas, and some of them was in for getting attention when we had looked to much after the sharks. Like ‘hey, what about me?’ We left the afternoon as an open pools so we could spread out the divers and get more private time with the animals. It works fine when we dive from Nautilus back deck.
This trip has been a very pleasant trip with a lot of different animals. Whale shark at Roca Partida and at Socorro! Mantas every where except Roca Partida. Lots of sharks. And a very nice group of guests that has been grateful to be out in this beautiful nature. Really you can see how they appreciate every moment and been giving us crew a nice positive energy.
Thank you divers!
We are just taking our dinner and then we start to steam up north to Cabo San Lucas. Me and diveguide Pedro we have been almost 2 months now at the Nautilus and will take off for an month to walk on land for a while and see our families and friends while Jessie “Shark chick” Harper and her husband Peter Schalwik will take over as guides. Wish you all good diving! This season has started very well.
Sten Johansson
Surface condition. South of San Benedicto it has been calm, but outside of the leewards side at around 20 knots of wind. Mostly sunny and 27C Underwater conditions. Medium to weak current that changed 180 degrees duringthe day. Viz at 100ft temp 26 C

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