Our favorite scapegoat, Mr. Weatherman fooled us on the way out to Socorro Island – Captain Log – Nov. 26/10.

On departure for Socorro Island from Cabo San Lucas yesterday the sun was shining and all was beautiful and calm in the protected waters of the marina. The forecast looked great with light winds and calm seas projected for the waters just south of Cabo. As we cleared the protected waters of the cape however, a strong breeze began buffeting us and white caps could be seen ahead. Our favorite scapegoat, Mr. Weatherman, had once again fooled us. The first 5 hours of our transit was a bumpy one, as we experienced 25 kts of wind and a short, choppy  sea height. Most of our guests chose to load up on motion sickness drugs and assume the horizontal position while we rode out the rough weather.  Thank goodness the Nautilus Explorer is not just a beamy wide steel boat but also has a stabilization system.  You can feel the difference.
By late afternoon the wind had subsided and seas calmed enough that the transit could once again be considered pleasant. Our first stop for this expedition to the Islas Revillagigedo (Socorro Islands) was San Benedicto. On arrival we anchored up in the sheltered south end for an easy first day of diving directly off the mother ship.
On the check-out dive we had a giant pacific manta ray cruising around, not super playful but curious enough that most everyone got a nice look. Several divers also got a glimpse of a school of 15-20 hammerhead sharks, as well as juvenile silver-tip sharks and a couple silky sharks.
The afternoon dives were much the same with giant manta and hammerhead sightings. A pretty good start a full 6 more days of diving to get our fill of big animals.
Tonight we will transit 70 miles to Roca Partida where we will spend two days diving that amazing rock.
Reports to come from Roca Partida over the next couple of days.
Captain Gordon Kipp
Surface conditions at San Benedicto: calm waters in the anchorage, wind northerly 10 kts, skies partly cloudy, air temp 76F (24C)
Diving conditions: current mild to moderate, visibility 40-60ft, water temp 77F (25C)

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Love hearing your stories…keep them up please. Peter and Nathania had a great time last week and loved the trip. Thanks to you, the crew, and the mantas! Glad to see hammerheads are there now! I will be on the boat in a year…long wait for me!

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