BINGO!! A giant manta shows up followed by another one and then followed by 4 dolphins – dive guide blog – Socorro island – 9 Jan 2011

We got a bit of swell at Socorro Island  and the prediction is that we will get a bit more, but the Nautilus Explorer handles it really well.   We’ll head out to Roca Partida once it calms down.  You can’t beat the reassurance of sailing on a diveboat that has been venturing out to the same destination in open ocean for years and years without any problem. Guests are wearing patches behind there ears, I haven’t seen anyone turn green yet.
3 of our guests have rebreather . 2 with a Drager Dolphin and one with a Poseidon Cis-Lunar MK 6. Quiet exiting also for us dive masters to have a look at the new technologies and help getiting the right gas mixes ready for the systems.
Dive 1
The swell  makes entering and exiting the water a sport on it’s own, but once a few meters under water conditions are fine. We (6 guests and me) had decided to have an easy dive, a shallow slow one along the cliffs of Socorro to be sheltered from currents. A lot of small life. In the cave like pockets of Socorros cliffs fish eggs must have come out. Thousands of tiny fishes swarming around like mosquitoes.  We also foudn  some nice nudibranches got found.
Dive 2
5 minutes in the dive, Bingo! A giant manta shows up and immediatly starts circling our group, a moment later a second one appears. While everyone is busy trying to shoot the best pictures 4 dolphins arrive swimming in formation and passing by. A dive can’t get much better than this!
The water is still 24 Celcius, I’m still in my shorty however most divers are in full suit.
Dive guide Joeren
Photos courtesy of Harri Wikberg

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