Made only 1 dive today because we were so busy swimming with humpback whales!! – 28 JAN 2011 – guest blog.

Greg W. from Pittsburgh-  Made only one dive today because we were so busy swimming with humpback whales i actually forgot about diving.  First set of whales swam right past the boat when I was in the water and it was so awesome seeing the mother and calf gliding past.  I was hooked!!!   Gabe our deckhand somehow knew exactly where we should be.    Second  time there was mother and calf with an additional escort.  The escort was HUGE!!!!!  Seeing them the first time was actually more than I could have hoped for but by the end of the day I was able to have 5 encounters that will forever be saved in my memory.  Thanks Captain and Crew for an unforgetable day!!!!!

Julie Palmer from Philadelphia, Pa-  Was an extraordinary day!  My friends and family won’t believe it.  Day started with a dive with hammerhead shark and Galapagos shark, not to mention the many, many whitetip sharks.  Did not dive again because the humpbacks put on an incredible show!  Spent the rest of the day swimming with a baby humpback, it’s mother and a male.  I can not believe I was swimming right along with them- but it got even better when we were swimming with the baby breaching the water.  The highly experienced crew have been phenomenal in every aspect!  I just can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!
Hier de mensen van Holland. We zijn nu 4 dagen op de boot en het is fantastisch in een woord. De eerste dag was een lange dag reizen, maar het personeel vertroetelde ons en nadat we hadden geslapen waren we bij onze eerste bestemming aangekomen San Benedicto. Niet wetende wat we daar konden verwachten, zwommen we gelijk in onze eerste duik tegen giant manta’s. Dat was waar we voor waren gekomen. Geweldig. Al zou ik ze nooit meer zien. De duik met de Manta’s was een ervaring die we niet licht zouden vergeten. Ze waren erg interactief met ons en speels. Iedere duik weer!! Het kon niet beter worden dachten we. Maar mis, bij ons volgende eiland Roca Partida hebben we gesnorkeld met Walvissen, uren achtereen. S’avonds was iedereen verbrand van het zitten op de zodiac en het snorkelen maar erg tevreden. Onder het genot van een biertje komen de verhalen los en natuurlijk ook de foto’s en filmpjes. Nog 2 dagen te gaan…………..ben benieuwd of ik nog verrast kan worden??? Crew thanks…
HOSTESS SILVIA.-Ayer fue la mejor experiencia que he ternido en mis seis year trabajando en el Nautilus Explorer, a lo mejor cada vez que que estas buceando o snorkeliando con algun animal que te gusta  y dices lo mismo, pero creo que estar por unos minutos snorkeliando y viendo a esas enormes Ballenas jorobadas tan cerca y con su bebe, es inexplicable el sentimiento que te produce, bueno, soy muy buena para gritar cada vez que me emociono, asi que despues de que se desaparecieron en la profundidad, me puse a gritar como loca de la emocion!!!!!!!!!……..Soy muy afortunada por ver lo que veo y por ser parte de esta aventura, que es mi trabajo……
HOSTESS SILVIA – best experience ever in my 6 yrs working on the Nautilus Explorer, snorkeling with humpback whales at Roca Partida, a mother and calf. The feelings and emotions that this experience produce are indescribable.  I feel so lucky to experience this and to be part of this experience, which is my work. Also, Captain Gordon is the best Captain ever. (note from Captain Mike – translation by Captain Gordon)
Great day of diving lots of fun.  Then after diving whales were very close  everywhere around us all nite long.- Owen
The sun was setting on Roca Partida, the last of the the tanks were filling. Eager guests scattered around the boat on the search for humpbacks in close proximity. They had been circling around us all day. Within view from the surface, but elusive under water.  There was a playful calf that started breaching in between us and the rock. I took a chance and slipped in as quiet as possible. Swimming towords the bow of the ship, I was seeing nothing but blue, but before I knew it I was staring eye to eye with a calf, mother, and escort. Massive and powerful, they could’ve swam away from me at anytime. Instead they allowed me to swim with them for the better part of a minute, before the calf decided to make a left hand turn to bluer water with the other whales following. I swam back to the ship, the whole time hoping the whales would turn around and invite me for another swim. Nothing will wipe this huge smile off my face! Thanks Mother Ocean!
Gabe the deckhand.

I am getting friends now – finally – with my 7 mm rented wetsuit 🙂 Getting in it easier each day… or so I think.
Socorro is beautiful…. the dive site challenging (for me). The school of Hammer-heads I finally get to see…. speachless !! As entering the boat – several dolphins swimming by closely.
The whale-watch in the afternoon is calm… but we get to see some False Killer Wales. Pretty interesting. Unfortunately very shy.
This trip is a little dream come true.
Tanja Bevc (Germ./Mex).

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