Captain’s Log – Enroute Clipperton Atoll to Roca Partida, Pacific Ocean – April 17, 2011

We have around 15 hours remaining until we reach our old backyard of the Socorro Islands after departing Clipperton Atoll. After one dive each at San Benedicto and Socorro on our way south to Clipperton, our only
remaining island of the 3 core Socorro islands is Roca Partida. We will arrive there around noon tomorrow and spend 2 days diving that world class site before wrapping up this expedition and heading back to Cabo San Lucas. Hopes are high that we will catch the tail end of humpback season and if we’re lucky get some more snorkel time with those graceful giants of the sea before the last of them head north for the season. The transit since leaving Clipperton has been, in a word, phenomenal! Today especially the sea has been like the worlds largest fun-house mirror, with winds literally of 0 knots, and a low swell causing the sea to undulate randomly as far as the horizon, a beautiful sight. Our guests have been "busy" reading, going through their Clipperton photos, eating, napping and generally just enjoying this treat of a north-bound transit.
Captain Gordon Kipp

By Nautilus Staff

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