Roca Partida is for me a temple in the heart of mother ocean that I hope will bring joy and excitement to many more ocean lovers. 18 April 2011. Roca Partida. Socorro Island. Pacific Ocean.

We had the most calmest crossing leaving Clipperton for Socorro Island, Yesterday the sea was like glass. When the sun set blood red in the horizon in the west  the full moon raised in silver at the same time in the south east. I think we all where there out side taking fotos. The flying fish where flying on the mirror like sea long long way until it landed chased by boobies that accompanied the Nautilus Explorer. A few turtles and some small dolphins was all what we saw of other life.
Arriving Roca Partida we where welcomed by breaching humpback whales and some of us also had the opportunity to get in the water with them.
The dives carried a lively water, as well in fairly strong current as lot of animals. We’ve been diving here a long time, knowing where to stay and find the hot spots we had big schools of big Tuna, Lots of big Galapagos sharks and also a good number of scalloped hammerhead sharks all at one place! All accompanied by humpback whale song. Wahoos where in hunting mood and flashes by in between the panicking creole fish.
After the dive we where still looking after the humpback whales and just for 10 min ago just going up to write this first the calf humpback made a full breach just followed by the huge mother whale all out of the water and landed with a big thunder!! I hear the guest as well the crew going WHHHAAAOOO!!!
We still have some day light left and are ready to get in if they come back by the Nautilus Explorer again.
Roca Partida is for me a temple in the middle of heart  of mother ocean and I hope that it will bring joy and excitement to many more ocean lovers in many more generations after me. Tomorrow is our last dive day!

Surface conditions : Sunny , no wind , a deep but very long swell 30 C
Underwater conditions .It is warmer now! 24-25 C 75 F Viz from 18 -30m.  60 -110 ft.

Dive guide Sten Johansson

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