Spotted 5 moray eels attacking an octopus Socorro Island , Islas Revillagigedo Pacific Ocean , Mexico May 19th 2011

So this morning some of us went down a bit deeper and stayed at a rock that I like just in front of a sand bottom.  We sat down on the rock trying to hide and started to whisper in the Galapagos sharks and it did not take long until we had a good 8-9 footer darting in with its pectorals pointing down in a sharp angle and aiming straight at us. Just to turn a few feets away from us. beautiful sight! After the first rushes they get a bit less curious, but still circled us for a while. Always fun to see this beautiful shark!
We had a few hammerheads and on the way up a chevron and a big black manta that followed us around. An other group as well had the dolphins coming in. The dolphins where as well coming to visit our Nautilus Explorer, One was spy hopping lifting its head above the surface like looking if some one was on board. If we had jumped at once they would have stopped and played with us, this tribe of bottle nose dolphins know us and we know them by some of their markings on their dorsal fins. We see them year after year.
Divemaster Juan spotted 5 moray eels attacking an octopus and he saw a moray ripping off an arm of the octopus that defended it self wrapping it’s arms around the morays!
Surface conditions .Windy , but not that wavy. Most sun.
Underwater conditions mild current , 40-70 ft viz 75 F 24 C
Dive guide Sten Johansson

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