Manta’s – Swimming Close and Gliding By, Like Stealth Bombers – The Canyon, San Benedicto


The sight of San Benedicto island rising up from the horizon was beautiful. A gorgeous sunset, the green flash, a warm hot tub and the promise of good things to come the next day. How many times has the diving been so good at the Canyon that we stayed the whole day? I can’t  believe it. We have had mantas harassing us all day, in a perfect way!  Swimming close and gliding by, fins pointed up and looking like stealth  bombers soaring through the air. They are so beautiful and its joyous  watching everyone’s expression as they come out of the water. Schools of  hammerheads, lots of silky’s, octopus, and dolphins swimming by the stern.  It was windy, dusty and a little choppy on the surface but the action below  was just incredible. The visibility started ok, and throughout the day got  better and better. Consistent diving was awarded with some great footage of  the mantas and hammerheads. The water was refreshing after basking in the  sun between dives and nothing could have gone better today than if it was  planned. I love days like this aboard the Explorer!

Captain  Kevin

By Nautilus Staff

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