The sharks were in a different mood, this time they were super close to the cage. August 22nd 2011 Guadalupe Baja Mexico.

My third day was great as I went in the Shark Cage for the very first time. It was scared at first but after a while I was fine still a bit scared. Then I saw my first White Shark and it was just amazing, it is something that I will remember forever even without the photos. Now I can go home to Australia and tell my kids I went diving with the sharks.

I don’t normally bother with this type of thing or post reviews of trips or holidays etc. but this whole trip was so fantastic I thought it would be an injustice not to do so.  Trust me, until you have been to Guadalupe Island and dived with these White Sharks you will be missing out on the trip of a lifetime. Nothing comes close, whale watching, African safari, even interaction with other sharks is second best to this by a long way.  The facilities on the boat are first class, the way the crew look after you would shame most 5 Star Hotels (as would the food) and the knowledge and the expertise of the dive masters in getting the most out of every single dive is phenomenal.  Oh and the sharks are not bad either, we saw things here you just can’t see anywhere else in the world. I will be back next year, and I think most others here with me will too.
John Fraser & Michelle Leeson. Scotland.

I’ve dived with many sharks over 40+ years of diving but that didn’t prepare me for this experience.  Words can’t describe the feeling when you are arm’s length from a shark that big and powerful. Then, the last dive we witnessed a Great White trying twice to take a playful Fur Seal that joined us.  What a sight! The boat and crew are truly top notch.
Ron Johns—Kearney, Nebraska

Unbelievable 3rd day. Tuna chasing a shark and just when you think it cant get any better  sea lion starts chasing a shark only to be chased several times by the shark. Truly a rare sight here.  120’ vis made the last day incredible. Photos to look at and memories to cherish of amazing creatures and partying with new friends. Couldn’t get better.
Eiko Jones, Campbell River, BC.

It Just keeps getting better and better, so much different than the trip before and not different better, just  the sharks were in a different mood, this time they where super close to the cage and just going in circles around it. A great group of people the one we have on board and the weather is not bad at all sunny days at Guadalupe!

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