we saw 5 breach out of the water just about 200 feet away from the boat full body just awesome. Aug 13 to 18 2011 Guadalupe Great White Sharks.

August 15 Guadalupe Great White Sharks
Great diving today. Seen White Sharks on all 4 dives. As many as 4 at a time. Makes the cold water well worth it!!!
Espectacular!! Tan solo de unos cuantos minutos ..wow se aparecieron los tiburones bellisimos, grandiosos, hasta el frio se me quito. I can’t wait for tomorrows dive..
Words can’t describe what an incredible experience this is… first dive saw 4 sharks and they were around all day. The minute you get out you just want to get straight back in because you can’t take in what you just saw! Bring on tomorrow!!
For me this trip has been as fascinating as the first. The interaction between the sharks is just simply incredible. The hierarchy that forms around us is plain to see but only once you know what to look for. So once the guests have had a couple of dives we have a talk about the interaction on display. The next time the guests come up from their dive everyone is completely amazed at the social structuring being seen. Every pattern of movement from the sharks is done for a reason. It was interesting to see some sharks testing the cages by moving towards them from different positions, particularly from directly underneath. The white shark is accustom to everything moving out of its path, especially when approached from directly underneath. This makes for a fantastic way to see a white shark as when they approach the cages from underneath you can see them coming through the grate in the cage floor and it can be intimidating. We have also had breaches here at Guadalupe, whether from predatory behaviour or displacement behavior I am unsure, but I do know that it really is incredible to witness. One of my favorite things about this diving is the fact that you can go eye to eye with a white shark. And not dead lifeless eye often associated with the white shark but brilliant blue eye. This happened many times this trip and it totally blows the guest away. When a huge white shark comes cruising in he will look directly at you and as he passes he keeps eye contact with you and it is probably for me one of the most incredible things to experience, anywhere. The way in which a white shark looks at you says confidence and intelligence. It’s amazing.
What a wonderful crossing we had on the way to Guadalupe the weather was with us till we got to our destination we got the cages down and prep for the following morning it is amazing just to see how the island just brighted up when the sun pop through the ring of cloud that stays all day like that on the first day the sharks were just waiting for us to preform there show as the guest took pictures and get over their fear as the sharks just got closer and closer by the end of the day. There were 6 males sharks just circle around us as to us we didn’t know where to look or keep track cause there were to many the second day just even better as in the pass 2 days we saw 5 breach out of the water just about 200 feet away from the boat full body just awesome it is one of those experience you don’t want to miss and siteing well hope to see you all soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!
DM Juan The Only One
Been on the Nautilus for 10 months now, I wasn’t super excited doing a full contract of cage diving with the great white Shark’s but as soon as we went down on the cages and 2 minutes after that we saw our first great white I notice I had underestimated one of the most impressive top predators in the world, having this guys in front of me just trigger all my senses and my imagination to high levels, feeling this made me realize I was working in alert mode. My first trip to Guadalupe was way more than what I expected. Thanks Nautilus.
D.M. Joel Ibarra IHO
Is nice to be back to the Nautilus after my time off, was looking forward to see Bruce my favorite great white shark, I went to the cages just once, I saw one shark, I don’t know who was, but still is so nice to see them, trip is over, we have good weather, and of course a happy people….

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