last night was crazy! Sep 10 2011 – Isla Natividad, Baja Mexico.

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We went on a night dive and everyone saw everything. The people that were taking photos and video all came up with dream shots. There was video of a guitar fish with octos on top of them, guitar fish and horn sharks face to face, and even one shot with a guitar fish octopus and lobster all almost touching!!! That is just some of the crazy stuff that is sure to be in a picture frame or movie later. After the dive we all stayed up to trade story‚s about the dive, Then that turned into trading jokes and I have to say that it was the most fun I have had in my new job aboard the Nautilus.
dive temp was around 60-62
air temp was a cool but warm 15 c
vis was as far as your dive light would go
will check in again one more time for the last dive report of this trip tomorrow
– Darcy Hinds
Dive Master
This has been a great week here on the Nautilus Explorer!!! Captain Gordon and his awesome, loving crew has made me feel like family. I have been pampered and kept safe during all of our dives every detail attended to! This trip is an exploratory one. For the first time since the Cooperative was established in 1960, commercial divers have been allowed to dive in the waters around Isla Natividad. On the Nautilus Explorer for this expedition are a filming crew producing a documentary, reps from Reef Check, and 2 fisher/divers from the island itself along with curious divers as myself wanting to be part of the epic adventure. We have been learning about the harvesting of abalone, sea snails and lobster that the people of Natividad do year round. The experience of diving around Isla Natividad is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I am so fortunate to be part of this first group to Natividad. The diving is cold water diving (52-61f) with gorgeous kelp forests. The sea life is abalone, Guitar Fish, Horned Sharks, Sea Lions, Bat Rays, Nudibranchs, Sea Snails, octopus..etc. Yesterday, we went on the island and were served a delicious lunch of Yellow Fin Tuna caught that morning. We toured the island and learned about the Cooperative and how they have been harvesting/fishing in this protected area since 1960‚s. Thank you to the Nautilus Explorer for a most memorable week and knowing that we are the pioneers of Isla Natividad. Mary J.
Isla Natividad has welcomed us with beautiful kelp forests, sunlight twinkling through the canopy and blue sky stretching above. During our amazing swim through the kelp we had a bit of fun with the sea lions, who seemed to think playing with fins was the game of the day. The dolphins made an appearance or two, and gave us a great show. Guitar Sharks, sea cucumbers, lobster, octopus, and a plethora of fish rounded out the sightings of the residents of the kelp forest for the day.
Our local guides have made us feel incredibly welcome and are graciously showing us their beautiful dive sites. We are looking forward to a visit on the island tomorrow.
The ever hard-working crew of the Nautilus Explorer is taking splendid care of us, as usual.
– Tammie

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