It's hard to describe the sensation of cruising through an underwater forest at San Benitos Island. The diving was stunning. September 16, 2011 – San Benitos Island / Guadalupe Island, Baja Mexico.

copyright 2011 Frederic Larnaudie

Our first day at Guadalupe Island with the great white sharks was simply amazing. Prior to this however we had spent two days diving at San Benitos Islands. The dives we had there were stunning, there were kelp forests reaching up to the sky in the blue water and the sun shining behind them. It is hard to describe the sensation of cruising through this underwater forest. At one point we swam in to the forest and came in to a small glade‚ which had sea lions frolicking on the surface that swam down for a closer look at us. It really felt like something out of a fairy tale, OK, I digress – back to todays activity at Isla Guadalupe, of which there was plenty. The day was awesome with the best moments in the afternoon. The best moments basically involving five sharks at one point including a very large male and an assortment of large to very large females. It is always interesting to see the interaction between them when they are together and the clear water with 100 foot visibility presents the perfect opportunity for this. Roll on tomorrow!
– Belinda, DM

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