A great start at Fairy tales country. A forest of a dream, lightened by the sun, with great, playful actors! Looking forward how it continues. Sep 15, 2011 – San Benitos Island, Baja California, Mexico.

A great start at Fairy tales country. A forest of a dream, lightened by the sun, with great, playful  actors! Looking forward how it continues.
– Franziska
Its like cruising through giant forests. Instead of seeing bear, deer, and rabbits, its sharks, sea-lions, and fish, oh, and hostess Carmen. Its nice to be back on board.
– Gabriala
Today we had are first dive day of our ten day trip. As most trips it started with a check out dive. When most people hear that they will say check out dives are boring but this was not the case. Right when we hit the bottom we found that 10 big sea lions wanted to check us out! It was the coolest dive of the day and it was the check out dive. There was talk about not doing the next dive but everyone got in their gear and when down. Again a huge gang of sea lions came out to meet us. And there were so many fish in the water you could not see how good the vis was cause there were so many fish. The next two dives were just as great. Kelp diving is my favorite type of diving and we get 3 more dives tomorrow before going to see the great white sharks.
water temp 68
vis 30 to 40 feet
topside was sunny with small white puffy clouds and no wind and the food was great are new chef lope is amazing!
– Darcy (Dive Master)
Nothing beats being on the Nautilus Explorer! great crew, great food and lots, and lots of animals!
– Erich (Group Leader SharkSchool)
Kelp… the enchanted forest at San Benitos Island.. So glad Belinda took me on the first dive in spite of the poor vis we had Sea Lions, Garibaldi and Kelp and thought we had it all and could just go ahead to Guadalupe. Then we jumped in for the second dive: here it was wonderland, Sun rays blinking between kelp trees, vis of well maintained aquariums, groups of up to 10 seals playing around us and almost running us over, colorful Garibaldi in picturesque environment, loads of other stuff (and Darcy didn’t even go because he was cold J). Third dive even better with the finding of the Giant Keyhole Limpet J and the rare sighting of an Eagle Ray.
And all that accompanied by unbelievable pampering by Carmen and the entire staff. This is going to be a whale of a time!!
– Roland

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