Mother nature at her best. Sep 23 2011 – Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

copyright 2011 Rob van de Louw

Have you ever seen a sea lion playing with a great white shark  “Catch me if you can”?In German language we would say: “Ganz grosses Kino!?” Its really mother nature at its best. Amazing entertainment while sitting in the cage. We want more of that.
– J  Axel (Germany)
Imagine four (!) great whites around you and the guy you love is standing in front of you with two laminated papers. You start to read and on the second page you have three options, sharks still circling around the cage, option 1: yes, option 2: maybe, option 3: no. What do you do? Looking at the sharks? Well I said yes and it was the most romantic situation I have ever been in! thanks to the crew who did not say a word.
– J Sandra and Marc
copyright 2011 Axel Luedemann

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