Feisty is the word of the day today. Guadalupe Great White Shark diving, October 2011

We begin with a slow start; one large female great white shark circling the submersible cages a few times on our first dive before disappearing, along with all of her friends for the second and third. Dive four is when things begin to get fun. A mixed bag of visitors begins to show up, including several juvenile males, who are in the mood to play, and we’re their new toy. Their behaviour is somewhat erratic; sharp turns and sudden speed bursts, close brushes with the cages, and even attempts at fitting noses through the bars. Excitement runs high as divers surface and excitedly share the news of what is in store for the next group descending.

Every dive is better than the last, with sharks getting closer and interacting more with the cages, circling in close to the umbilical and staring down the divers behind their protective walls. They know we’re in there, playing turtle where they can’t get at us and it irks them not to be able to find out what we are, what we taste like. Their innate curiosity is evident and transforms them from the soulless killers they are often portrayed as, into graceful, beautiful denizens of the ocean, who allow us to occasionally come for a visit for a glimpse into their alien world.
– DM Tony

Water temp 68 F, Visibility 100-150 ft
Air temp ~80 F

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