I never thought diving the great white sharks could be this good! I wanted to jump out of the cage with an dive knife gripped in my teeth to try and help him out. October, 2011 – Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

copyright 2011 Darcy Hinds

A common sight while we‚re down in the cages is sharks with evidence of their interactions with humans. The most common form is hooks and lines; the remainders of fishing rigs that have “caught” our beautiful friends. For most of my dives today, the whites seem to have gone into hiding, except for one scarred up male trailing one of these artifacts of their brushes with us. Nothing extravagant, just a small hook, lead sinker, and about one hundred feet of line. He seemed unperturbed by his adornments, but every one of us who saw him felt a strong desire to help him out. I guess we all heard the story of the mouse and the lion with a thorn in his foot as kids; I somehow doubt the result in this story would be the same. As tempting as it is to jump out of the cage with dive knife gripped in our teeth, the line will have to remain where it is, the shark version of a belly button ring.
– DM Tony, Oct 11
Surface temp ~72 F, sunny and clear
Water Temp 68 F
The day started out slow, but ended well.   The last dive of the day saw 4 sharks. A young male was quite aggressive and popping up where not expected. This is my second trip and beats my first trip last year!
Staff is amazing!
– Ann Hanon, MO\
We all arrive at Guadalupe  as we drop anchor all the guest just watch us put the cages in the water and get prepare for the fallowing day as the sun rise there were some early risers  as we finish putting everything together as the surface cage were open they were full as diver get in to see their  first Great White and for sure they saw what they were expecting as the day went by it just got more and more exciting as the sharks just came close and closer as the divers  took  picture the fallowing day I had a sea lion come and check me out as the great white circle the cages as  the sea lion left me he when direct to the great white as to say catch me if you can he just did flips and circle as the great white just took off like he was afraid of the sea lion as we were watching that a I saw the biggest  female that I ever seen  and it is just the beginning for the female to come and check us out for some reason it doesn‚t matter what size they  are it is just amazing to see these great creature live in front of your eyes well  I am looking forward to see what is in plan for me tomorrow.
– DM Juan
The Only One Another day with amazingly big animals.  On every dive we saw at least three great white sharks. This afternoon the biggest of all, about 5.5 meter (for americans that‚s something like 17 feet I believe) passed by at less than a meter distance. She hit the other cage and believe it or not, the guys in the cage were giving each other high fives of excitement. Beside the great whites, we saw some huge tunas passing by and about 5,005,837,478 rainbow runners and yellowfin mackerels or something like that all named after Remco as he did not see a new shark around. After the dive, the hot tea, cookies and hot tub make the experience very pleasant. I won‚t talk about food, as I need to spend a lot of time in the gym to sport off all the kilo‚s I gain due to the very good food.  To conclude, never thought diving with great white sharks could be this good. Looking forward to tomorrow again.
– Ruud

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