Turns out great white sharks can jump! she jetted towards the surface and then landing in a cloud of bubbles. Guadalupe, Baja Oct 2011

Shark Breaching from Underwater Click here to view video.

The morning starts out quite mellow, with an older female great white circling slowly around the submersibles; she passes close several times, giving the cage dwellers a good show. Halfway through the dive though, some competition shows up; a young female, beautiful, with not a scar to blemish her perfect lines. She buzzes the cage, schools of baitfish parting before her.
The early light is perfect, giving a hazy glow as she suddenly turns and aims upwards. Her powerful tail lashing the water, she jets towards the surface, breaking through its skin like a dagger. Landing in a cloud of bubbles, she quickly vanishes into the distance. Twice more she takes leave of her world, momentarily entering the air filled one above. As we surface, I am unsure of which I feel more strongly; amazement at the spectacle I have seen, or jealousy of those who were able to witness the topside half of her wild leaps.
DM Tony
Surface 22C
UW 20F
My first dive with great white sharks was everything I had ever hoped for. The fantastic crew helped us easily navigate in and out of the cages. It was no more than two minutes after climbing into the cage that the first white shark appeared. A few moments later another one. My eyes could not get any bigger. These are truly marvellous creatures. This experience will stay with me forever. Many thanks to the crew of the Nautilus Explorer. I am excited to know I still have two more days with the sharks. -Luis Sierra.
Miami, FL
I guess it was okay if all you wanted to see was Big Ass Sharks from the time you get into the cage until they drag you out kicking and screaming! Too cool to even describe with justice. Hey Kevin, make sure you put on your camera instructions about the reformatting card function! Lost my first four dives today. Oh well, just a warm-up for the next two days. LOL. Boat and crew are great.
Hi Cindy!! XOXO
Randell Nations from Austin, TX

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