A huge female great white shark swam so close that I could feel the pressure wave on my face as she shot past. Nov.7, 2011- Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

copyright 2011 Erin Quigley

Today was incredible. In the shallow cage I saw three sharks, tuna and a seal diving between everything. Shoals of fish entertain in between  great white sharks. And then a huge female with a white scar on her nose swam so close to the cage I was in that I could feel the pressure wave on my face as she shot past. Absolutely wonderful.
– Betty Orr
We had an absolutely fantastic and memorable day.  We saw as many as four (4) Great Whites at a time that got up close and personal with the cages.  Besides huge sharks, there were sea lions and tuna.  It is a real wild kingdom out there!  We all got great photos and more than enough memories for a lifetime. There are few things more exciting than coming face-to-face with the apex predator of the sea.
– Dan Orr
Amazing Amazing Amazing cage rides that started hot on the first dive ending with 5 sharks  on the last. Our hosts  resembled close range titanium torpedoes. How close?   17-25 mm lens not wide enough for portraits. We are talking Hi how are you dahlinkkkk.
– Jen Hayesp>After 5 weeks off the Nautilus Ex. Back in Guadalupe at the end of the season is just totally different than the beginning of it, all the big females are here, and they are in charge, we see 3 fem per male and 5 weeks ago it was the other way around, This is just even more exciting, they don‚t play around, they come close and they really look at you, some times they decide to test if you are going to move or not. For photographers one word: KILLER SHOTS!!!
Water :  20C 68F
Vis: 120Ft

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