The yellowfin tuna came in and took turns rubbing their faces on the tail of a great white shark. 2 sealions were playfully swimming around another white shark! October, 2011 – Isla Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico


copyright 2011 Ryan Miller

A slender curious calm and graceful female Great white shark who  nudges up against the cages!!!
I was on top of the cage for 30 minutes: Really impressive how near the shark came by! He nearly hit me with his tail fin!
I cannot believe that tomorrow is already the last day of our wonderful dive trip
What a fantastic day of diving at Isla Guadalupe! I took a turn in the cages in the early afternoon and all 3 of my dives were very sharky. At one point during the second dive 4 large yellow fin tune came just below the cages and were trailing one of the 2 sharks that were circling us. One at a time the tuna rubbed their faces on the tail of the shark. At the same time, around 40 ft away towards the surface, 2 sea lions were playfully swimming in circles around another shark. Then, just to top it off, a very very large female shark with 12 pilot fish came into view and she stayed around for most of the afternoon. The sharks were very curious and coming in a lot closer than they had and most people came out of the cages with „just wow‰ and speechless faces! Let‚s see what today brings!
– Lauren Mitchell (Nautilus Explorer Deckhand)
How was day # 2   Amazingly Bad Ass
JW-SAW mouth of the shark opening six feet away from 15 ft cage – full face on.
Best Staff ever.
So, day two gets even better! Each dive was unique. A lone sea lion teasing and nipping at a shark to yellow fin tuna and amberjacks chasing bait fish all around sharks to a shark getting close enough to touch (don’t). Even one large shark bumping the surface cage. One dive had six different sharks, some just a couple and the last dive (of seven today) had the huge female that got. Unpredictable in its behavior. Unbelievable closeups of her. Visibility 100‚ plus easily so you see everything that is happening. The only bad part of the trip is that it will end after a full dive day tomorrow. But these memories will be a lifetime. Not about the number of breaths you take.. weather has been perfect as has been the crew. Hi Cindy. Love you!! XOXO.
– Randell Nations (Austin)

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