Baby sealions dropping a rock in mid water and then catching it upside down and playing with you

Today I’ve officially overdosed on sea-lion cuteness. Hopefully the great whites will remedy that.
– Simon
Great weather over Sea Lion nursery gave us many memories, in form of pictures, to bring back. The best part, other than the baby pups doing all sort of poses for you (dropping a rock in midwater and they will catch it upside down and play with you), are the giant males patrolling the area. You see the giant males swooping by, herding the female and also pups as they bellow under water. Definitely an experience to dive for!
– Wei
Should I say hundreds of sea lions? While mum and dad were having their well-deserved siesta on the rocks in the sun, the kids were playing around with us in the water. A diving experience I will not forget in years.
– Eva  @ Stefan J))
Wie immer ein perfekter Trip auf der Nautilus! Heute konnten wir lange mit Baby-Seeloewen spielen, war grossartig, voll suess! .und die grossen weissen Tiere kommen ja auch noch J
– Silke und Gert
We did our first two dives at White Tower Point this morning and I have to say that the second dive was fabulous. There were crevices that we swam through full of the shorter kelp, swimming close to the bottom through the roots was like diving through a jungle. Then you would come out in to a grotto‚ area surrounded by kelp that reached right up to the surface. The rays of sunlight danced through the towering kelp creating a truly majestic scene. It was awesome. In the afternoon we dived at the sea lion nursery. What an absolute blast ˆ baby sea lions whizzing around and frolicking by you! At time you couldn’t even count how many there were as they zipped around so fast. Mum came by to check they were all fine and then the fun continued. There was lots of other things to see also and Bruno spotted many rays, a couple of sea hares and many other interesting things when we weren’t looking at the sea lions pups. What a fabulous dive day and there is another one tomorrow!
– Belinda DM
A great way to spend an afternoon.
– mm@NYC

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