Whale sharks at Roca Partida, rays, dolphins, schools of Hammerhead, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, white tips, schools of jack, and thousands of tuna. Wahoo! Just can't get better than that. Roca Partida, Baja California, Mexico.

Manta Diving
Last day on the rock (Roca Partida) and first dive there was schools of hammerhead
sharks. No current so we sat at the point and watched the show go by.
Hammers were around 120 feet deep and up, a large school of them seen
several times. There are so many, many fish in these waters. Giant blue fin
tuna spotted that must have been 1000 pounds. Wahoo, tuna, jacks
galore. Winds picked up this afternoon so the water’s a little choppy. The
rock is full of sharks and my favorite dive site at Socorro Island.
Water temp 79. Sunny day.

Hostess Carmen is a fun, fantastic, friendly, fireball.
Back again from vacation just couldn’t wait to get to see all the excitement
not that the Great Whites weren’t but just swimming with the Manta
rays, Whale shark at Roca Partida, dolphins, school of Hammerhead,
silky shark, Galapagos shark, white tip, school of jack, thousands of
tuna, wahoo just cant get better than that we had great weather the
visibility was good and the water temp was 75 f. it is just amazing to
have all this siting so close and great interaction in the open ocean.
Juan The Only One – DM

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