Dropped down to a whale shark and tons and tons of sharks of all kinds… I have been reading about this trip for over a year now. Socorro Island, Roca Partida, Mexico.

Mantas Socorro
We got to shark city today, Roca Partida. Dropped down to a whale shark and tons and tons of sharks of all kinds and the biggest jacks I have ever seen. Tons of fish, Galapagos, silver tips, white tips, hammerheads, schools of tuna, and a hotel of green morays. Sharks were sitting in the ledges and swimming all about. Water temp 77 and pleasant. Wearing a 5 mil and cap and not getting cold. Dive masters think it is warm since they are not wearing full wet suits. Outside temp is high 70s. Alex called this shark heaven and it truly is. Our DM is having the time of his life.
Diane and Ken
Manta Diving
Well, I’ve been reading about Roca Partida for over a year now, since I booked this trip, and this morning we woke up to the two snowy peaks with the sunrise behind them. Surreal almost describes the atmosphere standing on the rail looking out. We came on this trip for two main reasons, giant Mantas and Hammerhead sharks. We’ve been dancing with the Mantas for 3 days now and today was Shark day. And Shark day it was! Sleeping Whitetips, cruising Silvertips and Galapagos, and schooling Hammerheads!.. oh, and just to add in a little spice, a young Whale Shark gave us a little drift-by checkout on the first morning dive!  Joel and Juan (DMs) are great to dive with and will get you where you want to go… First Class crew seeing that everyone is taken care of. Another day at La Roca‚ then over to the Boiler to finish the cruise. Caio for now.
Randy and Marty Meszaros, Victoria BC, Canada
Giant Manta Diving
PHENOMENAL. Wake up, Whale Shark on first decent. Enough said.
Dive Masters‚ Joel and Juan

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