First black manta of the trip. Roca Partida, Socorro Island, Mexico.

Black Manta
Early start at San Benedicto and Socorro Island! Had two dives then lunch! Saw eel, mantas, lobsters, great day. Sunny, water  is warm and calm. All 3 dives so far today were mantas, mantas, and mantas wanting to play with us.  This place is lobstermania too. They are so many and so big and so old they have barnacles on them.  They are covering the walls. Apparently, they have no predators here and no humans trying to eat them. We also saw a few white tip reef sharks and a Galapagos shark.  Great diving!  Water temp around 78 degrees today. Calm seas.
– Diane
First black manta of the trip.  Many mantas and so friendly and inviting.  As with yesterday’s dive, at one point the mantas were closing head on just to simultaneously climb straight up as if they were waltzing. One hole in the reef had at least twenty lobsters.
– John
Black Manta
Easy dives that allowed us to really look for the different types of sea life.  Some current but not something you really even thought about.  Mantas were great even when we were hanging on the safety stop they came around and entertained us. Octopus sightings and they were old guys! I wouldn’t have missed these dives for the world.
– Carole

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