Today we have ate and ate and now are eating some more! First dive only 5 giant mantas at the cleaning station. Socorro Island, Mexico.

dolphins socorro mexico
We left the port and are rocking our way to Socorro for a few dives. Today we have ate and ate and now eating some more. The crew has been wonderful and very informative about our week to come. We are in the dolphin suite and my gosh how great it is. Those of you thinking of booking it, it is worth the extra money! We are all excited to get to the diving part of our trip but having a nice day relaxing, reading up on new gear, reading books, playing games, visiting and making new friends.
Diane Darcy, Easy Diver Trips
manta dive socorro
Well. First dive just 3 white tips, 3 octopi, dozen huge lobster and oh yes a Manta. Second dive just a half dozen hammerhead sharks, another dozen huge, rather delicious looking lobster, schools of huge beautiful snapper and oh yeah a manta. Third dive just a leisurely cruise around with the usual suspects, enormous grouper harassing the schools of huge snapper, more octopi and another dozen lobster.
My 2nd dive was the best. We played with some giant mantas for most of the dive. It was incredible.
Marty Meszaros: wonderful dive today. Mantas all over the place. Saw octopus and dolphins! The crew is so helpful and knowledgeable. I am a new diver and I feel very comfortable with them around. Tonight is shark night! Snorkelling with Silky Sharks.
First Dive only 5 giant Mantas at the cleaning station!!!! Lonely white tip and loads of octopi. Explored the wall and Saw a beautiful school of tuna pass bye. Second dive we were not disappointed when the mantas spent the entire dive entertaining us. Third dive the manta was sitting on the descent line waiting for us. Loads of octopi again and lots of delicious looking flounder. To finish off the day there was an enormous hammerhead with two of his smaller family members telling us they would be around again tomorrow. To end a fabulous day of diving, a GREAT MEAL AND A FANTASTIC CREW GOOD FRIENDS AND A RELAXING EVENING.

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