Sharks and Pelagics of the Mexican Pacific. A talk by Mauricio Hoyes. Pelagios, A.C.

Sharks and Pelagics of the Mexican Pacific.  A talk by Mauricio Hoyes.  Pelagios, A.C.
We have been able to support the scientific research of Dr. Mauricio Hoyes at Guadalupe and Socorro Island through the very generous donations to the Socorro and Guadalupe Conservation Funds by the guests and owner of the Nautilus Explorer.   We started working with Mauricio years ago when he was a young grad student.  His talk should be very interesting if you happen to be in southern California..
Title of the talk:  Sharks and pelagics of the Mexican Pacific: what we know and how to conserve
By:  James Ketchum and Mauricio Hoyos, Pelagios, A.C.
Date:  Saturday, June 16
Time:  4-5pm
Location:  Noyes House/ICF Cross Border Center for Philanthropy, 2515 N Avenue, National City, CA 91950
RSVP:  Captain Mike.

  • The problem: Depleted populations of sharks and pelagic fish in the Gulf of California and Mexican Pacific, but little known about them and minimal conservation actions.
  • Current research on sharks and pelagics in the Mexican Pacific and Eastern Tropical Pacific.
  • Marine reserves and their effectiveness for highly mobile marine predators, and other conservation strategies in Mexican waters and Eastern Tropical Pacific.
  • The creation of Pelagios: an organization for the study and conservation of sharks and pelagics in the Mexican Pacific.
  • Conclusion

The status of shark populations and other pelagic animals in the Gulf of California and Mexican Pacific is unknown, although evidence indicates heavy exploitation by fisheries. The study of their movement patterns, distribution, and population dynamics is fundamental to generate baseline information for their regional management and conservation in Mexican waters and Eastern Tropical Pacific. Furthermore, it is essential to create marine reserves and marine protected areas around critical habitats of these species. We propose the consolidation of the first telemetry group in Mexico focused on the study of sharks and other pelagics to aid in the implementation of effective and sustainable conservation strategies in the Mexican Pacific.

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