We were able to find the skeletal remains of a false killer whale (orca) that I spotted at San Benedicto Island last week. Socorro, Mexico. June 6th, 2012.

Ok, the boiler was rockin’ dolphins up close and personal. So then we hit las cuevitas and we were able to find the skeletal remains of a false killer whale I had spotted there last week. Wicked..and then I had a first of my twelve year dive career, a frog fish!!! At San Benedicto island. Noooo, I didn’t find it, joel pointed it out to me as we crossed paths under water. Like I said before, joel is the man!!! I’ve worked diving in other countries where the frog fish is prevalent costa rica Thailand. But I’ve never seeeeeeeen it… So it’s like the easter bunny theory, if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it and now I believe in the frog fish!!! The frog fish is a rock with an eyeball. Soooo difficult to spot, even in a photograph. The situation reminded me of my brother filo he’s not actually my blood brother, he’s more of a brother-from-another-mother type brother. Welllll, he’d never seen a seahorse, and therefore didn’t believe that they really existed. Till I showed him one!!! Haaaa.. gotta love filo.. filo’s now a believer.
I was able to take a photo with the frogfish with a fabulous pink hair tie that my friend Jo gave me for this trip especially. Thanks Jo. You were here in spirit and the frogfish says, “it’s ______ time with Jo”, is it scuba time you may ask???? Is it salsa time you may ask????? Of course my horse says Jo. Haaaa… underwater salsa, but bien pegadito haaaa.  It’s a bit overcast this evening, the moon is out there somewhere. La luna. Good girl, luna, goooood girl.. and bubu???  Yes, bubu is out there tooooo.. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s dives and what thoughts they will inspire, bubu???
Paul (aka tigre) divemaster

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