My neck was sore trying to see where the next giant manta was coming from at Roca Partida. Dolphins trying to eat tuna. Sharks cleaning up. Socorro, Mexico. June 5th, 2012.

Today was my last chance to get wet at Roca Partida. We have been out for two days of great diving, I was hoping to report whale sharks again this week, but alas no joy! Have to settle for the dolphins and sharks. I did get a chance to dive with the Mexican Team (a group of friends from Guadaljara) on the third dive today and for Roca Partida it was the usual cast of characters; sharks,fish and more fish, we also had some rather large tuna come scooting through the other fish scattering them like so many shadows. A very good couple of days, vis today was about 80-100’/25-30 meters and water temp was variable mostly around 76F/23C but did encounter some colder upwellings at about 73F/21C
Captain Al
So far we had a wonderful day at the Boiler with the vis of 80 plus and the mantas just show their self off to all the divers through out the hole day we had them just waiting for us to get in i counted 5 at one time my neck was sore the next day cause of trying to see where the next manta would be coming from just a amazing dive day with the mantas so far we decided to head to Roca Partida AKA Snow Rock and Shark City just said it shark city we had the dive site for ourself as we were all excited to see what show was awaiting us as for lasst week we had a whale shark join us for the day but instead galapogos shark,silkys ,white tips, Hammerhead ,and silver tips with a school of tuna the are nearly the size of the white tips shark just rush into the school of skip jack and that is where the action starts with the dolphins trying to eat the tunas and the sharks just come in schools after the dolphin had there meat of the morning then the just came in a batch of about 6 to 8 together and got in between us and top and turn there belly to us as to say it is massage time just had us come close i would say 2 feet away from them just unbeatable moments on the last dive 3 of us saw a manta at Roca Partida and a Sailfish it was good ending now we head  to see the mantas and put the icing on the cake anyway keep you all posted.
DM Juan The Only One

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