My favourite parrotfish was surrounded by 27 sharks and jamming in the divers' bubbles. Socorro Island. Divemaster report. June 16, 2012.

Well, the lucky numbers of the day today are 27 and 1. I was surrounded by 27 silver tip sharks with several others in the distance, and then there was this one parrot fish that was dancing in the bubbles made by the divers literally dancing. There aren’t many parrot fish here in Roca, but this one was jamming!!!! So 27/01 or is it 01/27, I guess it depends where in the planet you are from. I’m sure that the scientists will tell you that there is some particular reason why the parrotfish does this (like cleaning its gills or something practical and utilitarian like this), but I think she was just jamming I’m sure you can imagine who that reminds me of. Jo???? I mean, have you evvvver heard or seen a parrotfish doing something like this?? I not. But you never can tell what Jo’s gonna do, now can you???
El tigre (divemaster)

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