Socorro Island. I was flabbergasted when I dropped down there this morning after my girlfriend dragged me out of bed. June 18th, 2012.

We started a other trip just heading back to the world of diving and adventure as on the way dolphin join us for about 20 min as they leap out of the water about 3 ft in the air what a site as we approach San Benedicto where the fun starts we started at the dive site call The Canyon where we do the checkout dive just on the first dive we saw Hammerhead sharks just cruising into the slit current and a giant manta that fallow us to the boat as the day continue just siting of sharks and frog fish good start .The fallowing day we head to what we call the Boiler AKA Manta city we had mantas for the hold day just none stop as we plan for the next day was to head to Roca Partida AKA Shark city this is our third day were we saw what we would say a unbeatable dive with 5 different kind of shark an the tunas in the hundreds as the playful school of dolphin just stayed with us from the start of the dive till the end of the dive they came as close as like a foot away from just wanted to get pet I had 3 encounter throughout the hold dive just can beat that well just keeping you all updated and tell you all what happening.
DM Juan The Only One

Roca Partida: This must be heaven on earth or better heaven in the middle of the ocean. I was just flabbergasted when I dropped down here this morning for the first time. I was pretty tired after waking up loads of times while we went out here during the night and literally had my girlfriend drag me out of bed in the morning, but as soon as I saw what was going on here, I was totally awake. Good visibility, tons of jacks, hunting tuna, white-tips piled up on the balconies in the rock, hammerheads further out and Galapagos sharks, dusky sharks and what not all over the place. Just one word: amazing. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I booked this trip. Everybody was smiling when they came out, shouting and laughing. Some of the guys had a very close encounter with a group of dolphins, the pictures made my heart jump, so I was determined to get see them too. On the next dive, we were lucky enough to come across a mum and her baby and that truly made my girlfriend’s day. She’s actually looking at the picture of the two playing with each other right now.  Glad we got another day here, love it to bits. Off to dinner now, I’ll put on so much weight, because the food is amazing too. I guess I will apply for a job in the kitchen.
Marc, 36, Germany
We all suffer from the dolphin-syndrome: Can’t get these smiles off our faces. What an extraordinary day!!!! Impatient to get more of it.
Estefan el suizo

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