Great white shark caution notices posted on Santa Barbara beaches. Aug 15, 2012.

Mayor and Council:
At 5:20 p.m. today, a surfer off Leadbetter Point spotted a shark five feet away whose dorsal fin and tail fin were both out of the water.  Judging by the reported 6’-7’ “spread” between the shark’s fins, plus its reported color and girth, we believe this was a credible sighting of a great white shark.  As such, the Waterfront and Parks and Recreation departments have posted “caution” notices at 14 locations near City beaches, and one on each of five lifeguard towers between Leadbetter Point and East Beach.  This action reflects standard protocols developed for this type of event and is warranted not only by tonight’s sighting, but in lieu of recent, confirmed white-shark attacks on marine mammals in local waters.  If there are no other sightings or evidence of attacks on marine life, the signs will come down in 72 hours (Friday at sunset).  Meanwhile, please call me or Karl Treiberg, Acting Waterfront Director, if you have any questions.

Mick Kronman
Harbor Operations Manager
City of Santa Barbara

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