Diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island is our dream come true. They check us out with their deep blue eyes. Aug 14, 2012

Such Great Animals gentle, calm and curious!!!!! Would love to dive without the Cage sadly it still is the law.
For us a dream came true. We always wanted to dive with the Great White ones.  You are really diving together with the animals. It is amazing how shy these giants are. Like small children/animals they are checking out the situation by observing you with their deep blue eyes. If you do not believe it you have to experience it. The best way to do is together with Erich Ritter. Not to forget that we can enjoy this get-together with the nature only because of having the Nautilus Explorer crew being the best crew we ever had as it taking care of everything that allows you to focus on the core ides of the trip!
Jenny and Andreas

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