The water has been so calm on this guadalupe great white shark trip that it feels like we are still tied up to the dock. Guadalupe. Aug 18, 2012.

We have a group of Germans they are having a what we would say a Big WOW. We have had 5 great white sharks that have been so interactive and have put on a show . They are not the same all the time as one or two go other show up just to take their place. All males the vis was not to good the first day but that didn‚t stop the sharks to be around they got closer and you could get to do a eye to eye with the monsters. The weather have been so calm at Guadalupe Island that I feel like we are at the dock tied up that is how calm it is. The temp is about 18 C to 19 C the vis today have been like 120 plus. So we could see were the sharks are coming from and their movements. Today we had a shark that just pretty much stayed on the surface around the surface cages that was cool to have that show for the ones who were not diving special for the picture time the sun just light up the sharks. Well we have 2 more days to go and we head to dive San Benitos with the kelp diving and the sea lions colony just cant wait for that. Well keep you all updated.
DM Juan

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