Saw a blue whale breeching on our way out to Guadalupe Island whities. Guadalupe, Mexico. Aug 20, 2012.

Here is the update of the second trip of the season. We had a mix of guest from different part of the world. On the way had some blue whale breeching we had to slow down to see how beautiful they were, they sticked around for a while. We were on a mission so we had to get on the way. We arrive at Guadalupe Island got everything prep for the next morning. We were off the beautiful morning as the sun peak out and lighted up the island and it burns the cloud. We saw shark on the surface as we got ready for the submersible cage to go down and there they were just like a pack of wolf just surrounding the cage and the cameras and video had no break on the triggers. Had 4 great white sharks for the whole day and we were the only boat in paradise. We had sea lion also hang around and played with the sharks. On the second day we saw a turtle as  the shark saw the turtle there were 3 shark that went after the turtle but no that‚s not what they really think it was what they really think it was but they went after it like 3 time. It didn’t do the turtle anything just a check point for the turtle it seems like. But we had a blast with the interaction of the great white what else can I say is dam cant believe it. Well I will keep you all updated.
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