What a great experience! Due to a perfect crew, the divers only have to take care of 3 things on the Nautilus Explorer. Guadalupe, Mexico. Aug 21, 2012.

Ha!!! What a Day, Sea lions up to 4 of them and they come and play with you!! Looking in your eyes with so much curiosity and all of that in this fairy tale environment of the Kelp Forest.
After a short nights ride from Guadalupe Island to the Islands of San Benito, we had the opportunity to get to personally know the other inhabitants of this sea. Our posing partners today have been Sealions hiking through the Kelp Forest. They are really funny, playing partner and literally waiting to be pictured. What a great experience! Looking forward to the next 4 dives tomorrow after our today’s three. What seems to be stressing is just the opposite. Due a perfect crew the divers do only have to take care of three things: diving (but only the part taking on the suit, jumping into the water, cruising through the water and rolling whale like into the zodiac), eating and sleeping. All other things are handled by this extraordinary team!
Jenny & Andreas
Did a one day break except the check dive when we arrived at first spot at San Benitos. There was not so much to see, but this is owed to our male buddies who was not able to find us after going down with a delay. So as loyal buddies we waited for them while Kerstin was rolling up my safety sausage. I mean, this one is flashing orange and 2 m long, accurately wrapped about my body instead of staying rolled up to pocket size. But the guys were unable to find us. When returning to the boat, one of them was already waiting – in the end it was only us three who managed to stay together. Next to the that little male-female-anecdote I can only say that even you are not diving for any reasons the crew makes you feel like home, is great looking and entertaining at a high end level.

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