I had a near heart-attack when five sealions darted out at me in my peripheral vision. Guadalupe. Aug 24, 2012.

Is that a sea lion in the shark cage????  Nooooo that’s carmensita in her faaaashion blue poca-dotted wetsuit!! (Carmen is one of our hostesses on ship)  Wellll, that was the last few days, enough about sharks, now we’s in san benitos, and its reaaaaal sea lions time, not the kind in fashion wetsuits!!  Normally, I’d be upset at the sea lion’s name, cuz there’s not much lion to em‚ and I’m the type of guy that digs on lions, its possibly related to my name, tigre!!!  But here there are lotsa of them false advertised atomic bombshells, and being a bombshell myself, I know how to set em‚ off at the end of the last dive, I thought to myself, what would jo do??  Swim out into the blue and see if there are any wandering predators around???  Yup, you got it, so I did it, but I didn’t find any wandering great whites as I had anticipated I was thinkin that with all these juicy delicious looking sea lions here, there must be some predator around that snacks on em‚ Guadalupe isn’t that
far from here, ya know?? And I actually had a near heart-attack when I see something darting towards me out of my super-periferal-vision never guess what it was??  Not one sea lion nooo five of them things!!  I was kinda upset at them for almost making me make an emergency poo-poo stop in my wetsuit, so I shouted and waved my arms around like a rabid tiger, yes, flinging around my wild-cat-paws and they dug it!!!  Kinda reminded me of a time when jo had a temper tantrum and threw herself on the ground kicking and screaming maybe she’s part sea lion also by the way, max, codename Baywatch, is the coolest deckhand on board at this moment.
Tigre (divemaster)

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