The giant kelp forest at San Benitos Island reminds me of a real rainforest. It felt like there should be a breeze blowing through… San Benitos. Aug 27, 2012.

We arrive at San Benitos strait from the famous Island Guadalupe. Well we got everyone ready with all the setup that they need for the dive. We did the checkout dive at Roca Blanca, the vis was not too good but just for one dive that was worth it. We move for the second and third dive we headed to NE point that was where the action was with the sea lion and the vis was real good. We thought that we saw dolphins the way the sea lions were jumping out of the water and rolling. As the divers went in they encounter the big show of the sea lion they stayed with them for the whole dive and for the next dive. Not to forget the Kelp forest that is so healthy and it start from 40ft to the surface and the small kelp that is growing it reminds me of the real rainforest. As you go into the kelp you see a small holes that appear to be as the one in the forest. The sun shine through the opening and the sun raise just lighted through the kelp it is so peaceful and relaxing with a small surge it seemed like there would be a breeze blowing. So cool to see that, well that’s a bit about San Benitos so I will keep you all posted on the next couple of days.
DM Juan The Only One

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