I expected to see one great white shark and instead I saw four, maybe five. Rockin. Guadalupe – August 2012.

Out to Guadalupe Island and my favorite great white sharks again.. excellentisimo first day started off with one shark and we ended up with four, maybe five rockin!! I had a particularly stimulating dive in the two person cage with Evgeny (representing Russia) and Grant (representing Scotland), the great whites were energized and we got some very close up views I must admit that I also particularly enjoyed Evgeny’s and Grant’s company, cooool accents for both! A true cultural experience so we can talk about our countries and experiences Evgeny ask me where is my home now (knowing that I am from cuba), and I responded this boat!!!  haaaa laughs around the house, but is true!! For now this is my home and my family. Yes, Evgeny & Grant, we are brothers now.
Tigre (divemaster)
Water temp 20C, viz 60-100ft, topside weather light breeze and calm

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